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Shafi Ayurveda Nursing Home is an excellent Ayurvedic Treatment Centre in Kerala. It is located at Mavoor, in Kozhikode district, in Kerala, India. Founder Usthad Hakeem M.P.K Abdulla Gurukkal , with his 32  years of experience, is  an erudite physician in Ayurvedic, Yoga, Kalari and Marma methods of curing.His Nephew and student Dr. PTA Jaleel Gurukkal is working 24 Hrs here. We are imparting medical treatment even for the most difficult curable diseases through the methods of Ayurvedic, Kalari, Marma and Natural Cure.

It offers a wide  range of Ayurvedic treatments for patients suffering chorionic ailments.
The centre specializes in treatment for diseases such as Arthritis Paralysis, Hemi Plegia,Heruous weakness paralysis,, mental disorders, skin diseases, Pizhichil, Nasya, Dhara,Vasthi, Udvarthana, Abhyanga, Karnapoornam, Tharpanam, and Snehapana,etc.

(+91) 9846 647 863 (Jaleel Gurukkal)
E Mail : shafiayurvedic@gmail.com

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