Ayurveda Treatments

shafi ayurveda pizhichil


It is a very intensive ayurveda treatment. In this treatment a 4-5 therapists will be ready with slightly heated oil and with a clean cloth bundle. The patient would be made to lie down in a wooden 'pathi'. The bundle of cloth would be dipped in the medicated oil and after squeezing it mildly the therapists knead the bundle in all part of the body of the patient. It is very useful for the treatments of rheumatoid arthritis, slipped disc, cervical spondilytis, osteo arthritis, partial paralysis, total paralysis and sciatica etc.

shafi ayurveda Navara Kizhi


Njavarakizhi is another important full body treatment in Ayurveda. Boluses of njavara rice, which is boiled and medicated is wrapped in hand-size cotton bags. Kizhi is such a bag of clean cloth made by wrapping something inside and tying on side to keep the wrapped items safe. It is the best treatment for joint pains, rheumatism, bad cholesterol, weak and underdeveloped limbs, and certain skin disorders.

shafi ayurveda Shiro Dhara


Shirodhara is an ideal solution for anybody, from business executives to home makers, suffering from insomnia, psychological problems, forgetfulness and recurring headache. The practice involves a lotion made by mixing milk, butter and specially prepared herbal oil being poured/ or made to tricle onto the forehead. The treatment lasting 40-45 minutes a day extends from one to three weeks.

shafi ayurveda Udvarthanam


Udvarthanam, ( ' dust rubbing'), involves a medicinal powder made by mixing, herbs of various sorts being rubbed all over the body . As a rule, it lasts 30-40 minutes and has been found to be highly effective to cure phlegm-related ailments, rheumatism and related problems, numbness and skin diseases.

shafi ayurveda Nasyam


One practice of Panchakarma treatment, Nasya has been proved to be sure-fire way to cure chronic headaches, numbness on head, psychic problems, and some specific forms of skin disorders. The practice involves medicinal essence and oil being made to pass through nose and has to be maintained for 2 consecutive weeks.

shafi ayurveda Kadivasthi


An ideal treatment for the excruciation pain of back ache or lumbago and related discomforts. A small squire embankment of black gram dough is made on the lower back of the patient. The hollow of the embankment is subsequently filled with medicated lukewarm oil, which stays in it for half an hour. The area is later messaged with the same oil which is followed by rest for a few days so as to preempt a relapse.